Shooter's Mate Black Powder Compressor


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The Shooter's Mate Black Powder Compressor is a device for seating a bullet accurately by weight, and not nessasarily by the cartridge overall length. The product is a direct replacement from the normal bullet seating die. For the first time, we can see the powder compression for each bullet, which greatly improves the accuracy when shooting.

There are numerous variables to consider within black powder shooting. The key to great accuracy is to experiment with each and see what works for you.

Before jumping in feet first it is worthwhile exploring the different variables and prioritising the order in which they are to be tackled. As an example, things that will have an effect are, though not exclusively; different powders, bullet design, bullet weights, bullet lubrication, and powder quantity. It is a good idea to work through and eliminate these variables one at a time to keep track of changes and effects.

All of the above will make small differences in their own way, but we strongly believe that powder compression is one of the more important aspects to consider. You may have noticed when filling casings, that the powder often sits at different levels when poured, even when using the most accurate of scales. This is due to the different powder grain sizes and the way the powder settles.

When using a conventional seating die, each bullet is inserted into its casing to a set overall length. This results in different powder compression in nearly all cases. When firing, flame propogation will vary from bullet to bullet, greatly affecting accuracy. In laymanʼs terms some will go with a bigger bang than others!

The Shooter's Mate Black Powder Compressor ignores overall casing length and instead allows each casing to be loaded to identical pressures with extreme precision. After numerous back to back tests, we have found the difference between bullets set to length and bullets set to pressure to be night and day. The improvements in accuracy and consistency really must be seen to be believed. It's a much safer way of reloading bullets too.


  • Visible neck tentions
  • Visible powder compressions
  • Greatly improved accuracy, time after time
  • Ability to produce a batch of bullets all to the same weight of compression
  • It's a much safer way of reloading bullets, as you can see the compression
  • Stops excessive compressing, which could distort the bullet casing
  • Makes the shooting experience more enjoyable

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